Paul Bunyan

Lumber Jack Show

If you want great old- fashioned fun and family entertainment, the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show is where you want to be! The show is filled with action packed competition, and plenty of laughter. The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show features only quality lumberjack competitors known throughout the world.

paul bunyan 2.jpg


ARCY: Live Event Murals

Known for his paint splashed style of large scale street art, ARCY has been defining his skills for over a decade. In 2015, ARCY announced his inaugural North American live event mural tour, where he took his skills on the road, spray painting 8′ x 12′ live event walls in front of thousands of onlookers in many of the largest cities across the nation. Since then, ARCY has created hundreds of live murals and permanent large scale works throughout North America, Australia, and Europe. ARCY has worked for the likes of The Smithsonian Institute, Major League Baseball, America’s National Parks Service, and is currently developing a collaborative body of work for The Walt Disney Company as a Disney Fine Artist.

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Jurrasic Kingdom

Jurassic Kingdom will have audiences roaring with excitement! Not only do patrons get to experience life-like dinosaurs in ACTION, they also have the opportunity to touch and interact with them throughout the show! Meet fantastic characters such as Terry the talking, comical pterodactyl, Jack, a 2-month-old Brontosaurus & many more!

jurassic kingdom bbbb.jpg


Kachunga & The Alligator Show

From deep in the swamps of Florida comes Kachunga, a real American Bushman, who dares to step foot into the wet domain of the alligator. Watch in astonishment as Kachunga apprehends one of these man-eating reptiles with his bare hands. Facts and humor threaded with daring sets the stage for Kachunga's presentation with the Alligator. This is an absolute one of a kind show and is guaranteed to bring audiences to the edge of their seats. 

kachunga 2017 b.JPG


Magic Man TJ HILL

Magic Man TJ Hill has traveled the country with his unique style of comedy and magic for over a decade. His show is filled with music, audience participation, hilarious comedy, and unbelievable magic! Watch as someone defies gravity by floating in mid-air! Don’t miss your chance to watch borrowed objects appear in the most impossible of places!!

magic man tj hill 2.jpg



This is performance art the whole family will enjoy. You will want to bring the whole family back again and again as the Sandscapes sculptors transform 50 tons of sand into a specially-themed work of art throughout the run of the fair.

sandscapes 2020.jpg

Brian Ruth: Master of The Chainsaw

Brian Ruth, "Master of the Chainsaw", will transform a raw, 2 foot long log into a true work of art with only a chainsaw. Ruth has been carving sculptures with a chainsaw for more than 20 years. The Chainsaw carving auction will be held on the Local Entertainment Stage, Saturday, October 3rd at 7:00pm

brian 2012.jpg

North Georgia Animals Petting Barn

The North Georgia Animals Petting Barn at the south entrance of the fairgrounds provides a fun and educational experience for all ages. There are horses, goats, cows, rabbits, llamas, and much more. Don't forget the ponies!


David Smith "The Human Cannonball"

David "The Bullet" Smith will be shot 300 feet across the entire midway several times daily!

David Smith.jpg

Robinsons Racing Pigs & Paddling Porkers

Come cheer on the funniest racing experience ever! Pig racing gets even better when celebrities like Britney Spareribs and Lindsay Showham are vying for the coveted Oreo prize. These porkers will race and swim straight to the top of your most fun list!

pigs 2015.jpg

Eudora Farms Petting Zoo

Experience an interactive, hands-on exotic animal petting zoo. It Includes 20 to 25 rare and exotic animals from around the world. See a wallaby, a zebra, a lemur and even a once in a lifetime chance to ride a camel. This is an experience the whole family won't soon forget.

zoo 4.jpg

Cowboy Woody

Keep your eyes peeled for someone dressed as Woody from Toy Story…only he’s 10 feet tall! He will be performing amazing lasso tricks to entertain fair goers of all ages!



RoboCars are life-size transforming robot vehicles. A black Chevy S10 Pickup will be roaming the grounds daily. Catch them rolling the grounds daily & delighting kids & adults alike!

robo car 19 a.jpg


The phenomenon known as the Walking TreeMan! Barely distinguishable from the real trees, Walking TreeMan moves slowly and deliberately down the street, enchanting all that meet him. At over 12 feet tall, TreeMan can be seen from 150 yards away!