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North Georgia State Fair Pageants

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Beauty Pageant

The North Georgia State Fair 2024 Beauty Pageant is a special event held on the opening day of the Fair, Thursday, September 19, 2024. Proceeds from the pageant will go to the Miss North Georgia State Fair Pageant Scholarship Fund.

FREE GATE ADMISSION into Fairgrounds on Opening Day, SEPT. 19th Parking: $5.00


Winners in each Division will receive:


Crown, Trophy, Passes to the Fair, Flowers, Title Sash

2023 fair queen carley Vogel.jpg

2023 Miss North Georgia State Fair - Carley Vogel


Contestants in all Divisions must be single, never been married, and reside in the state of Georgia.

- Judging will be based on Beauty, Poise, and Personality on a scale of 1 through 10.

- Individual scores will NOT be made available, and the decision of the judges will be final.


An optional rehearsal will be held on the covered main stage Wednesday, September 20th, 2023.  The times for each age bracket are listed below:


Ages 3 - 10 years: 6:30 PM

Ages 11 - 24 years: 7:00 PM

Contestants can mail application or register at the rehearsal for $70.00 entry fee. Registration day of pageant is $80.00


Numbers for order of appearances will be drawn at the time of rehearsal. Instructions and stage directions will be given. Casual dress is recommended. 

Prior to each contest, there will be dressing facilities available in a backstage tent.


Due to limited space, contestants must arrive in a ready or near-ready dress for stage entrance. Hair dryers or other electrical devices will not be allowed in the dressing area. 


Tiny Miss North GA State Fair | Age 3-4 | Short/Long Dress | 6PM

Petite Miss North GA State Fair | Age 5-7 | Short/long Dress | 6:30 PM

Little Miss North GA State Fair | Age 8-10 | Short/Long Dress | 7:00 PM

Junior Miss North GA State Fair | Age 11-13 | Long Dress | 7:30 PM

Teen Miss North GA State Fair | Age 14-16 | Long Dress | 8:00 PM

Miss North GA State Fair | Age 17-24 | Long Dress | 8:30 PM

(New for Miss Division - Scholarship Awards: 1st Place:

$1,000; 2nd Place: $500; 3rd Place: $250)


Entry Fees

$65.00:  Through September 18th, 2024

$75.00:  September 19th, 2024

$10.00:  Miss Photogenic


Entry Deadline: One hour before age division times above

Optional: Miss Photogenic for each division: $15.00 - You must bring own photo (B&W or color) 8 x 10 or less

Mail entry form with the beauty/photogenic entry fees to: 

Gene Philips, 3078 Old Cabin Lane, Smyrna, GA 30080

For additional information: or call

Gene Phillips: 770-545-1351

Steve Duncan: 678-793-2007

Alice Surber: 770-973-3214

Teresa Harlan - 678-478-6050

King and Queen of the Fair!


Superior Plumbing Presents North Georgia State Fair

2023 King & Queen of the Fair

Special Needs Pageant

Produced by North Georgia State Fair Pageant Committee

Tuesday, September 26th - 7:00 PM

Pageant Director: Renee' Fielden

(P) 404 - 316 - 7336


Superior Plumbing Presents North Georgia State Fair special needs pageants are open to all residents. You must compete in the age division you are the day of the pageant. Winners may not compete for the same title in a consecutive year, but may after the consecutive year to winning is completed.

Pageant Date: Tuesday, September 24th, 2024

*Pageant held on local entertainment stage*

Queen and miss fair.jpg


DRESS: Party, Pageant, or outfit of choice. This is a local pageant with no rules on dress, makeup, or other accessories. However please stay within general age appropriate guidelines.


JUDGING: Contestants will be judged on attire & personality. The judges decision is sealed & final. Scores will not be released. They will sit stage-right (left of stage if you are facing the stage).


ON STAGE: Enter stage-left, there will be three marked STARS, you will go to the star on the far right of the stage first, then middle, and last star before exiting back down the entrance ramp at stage-left. There are no rules on stage but to have fun & let everyone enjoy their moment to shine! Please complete as much information on the application form as possible. We want each participant to thoroughly enjoy their night at the fair!


AWARDS: The winners in each division will receive the title of Queen/King & receive a specially designed Fair Jacket along with four VIP passes to the fair. 1st runner up & 2nd runner up finalists will receive four VIP passes to the fair.

*All participants will receive a Fair T-Shirt*


Entry Deadline: Friday, September 20th

Fees: There are no fees for participating in this pageant.

King of the fair winners.webp

Beautiful Baby Fair Pageant

Each year the fair gives mothers and fathers the opportunity to show off their new additions to the family with the Beautiful Baby Contest.  The judging is informal and the contestants may dress any way they want. We've seen little cowboys, sailors, cheerleaders, and the always stunning little suits and dresses.  The age categories will range from 0 to 36 months, sign-up will begin at 2:00 PM on Sunday, September 22nd.


The competition will begin at 3:00 PM starting with 0-6 months and working our way up to 36 months in 6 month increments.  There is no cost to enter a child into the competition but parents will have to pay admission to the park.  Winners of each category will receive a plaque and ribbons will be issued to 2nd and 3rd places.  Girls 3 years and older are eligible for the North Georgia State Fair Pageant on opening night.  Be sure to bring your cameras, you don't want to miss the opportunity to photograph the future Mr. or Mrs. America.

beautiful baby.webp
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